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Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Alter Ego – Brian the Dog from Family Guy

Andrew has been a member of the Accuteque family since 2011 and has spent a significant portion of his time working on client sites, where he concentrates on delivering the most business value for the least investment.  Andrew approaches these engagements with an almost child-like curiosity, which he finds fosters his creative and innovative sides.  Back in the office, he feels he is equally rewarded, as he feeds off the diverse range of colleagues who all bring different experiences and perspectives to the job – Andrew claims ‘they keep me energised and are a great source of peer support.’

One of Andrew’s biggest achievements at Accuteque to date has been his work in the insurance industry, on one of the organisation’s largest IT initiatives. A large Transformation Program, the brief was to replace the company’s core insurance underwriting system while simultaneously incorporating new functionality for document and work management. Its key dimensions involved 250 project personnel over a multi-year timescale, an investment of nearly $200M and a PCB chaired by the CEO. At the time Andrew joined the project, it had already run for over 2 years. It was under considerable time pressure due to the program missing key delivery targets, acknowledged immaturity in Agile Project delivery and the loss of key project resources and leadership.

Andrew was also a key player in the delivery and creation of centralised claims lodgement and fulfilment, coupled with document management and archive solution.  This was a 2-year project that greatly enhanced the way claims were processed and vastly improved claim resolution for brokers. Andrew’s greatest strength has been his ability to excel and add value at Accuteque and client sites by focusing on the Change Management and people impacts of projects.

If Andrew could be any animal in the world, he would be a dog. As someone with an incredible sense of smell (believe us, he can smell the burgers cooking at Royal Stacks all the way from the office!), and being the completely loyal, faithful and friendly individual that he is, the only thing missing is the half-finished novel to tie it all together.

Stewart Hamilton

Stewart Hamilton

Alter Ego – Rex Hunt

Stewart joined the Accuteque team in 2012 and is a highly certified and experienced testing professional. His experience covers a range of methodologies and different platforms, from web-based software to integration hubs for financial systems.

Stewart's high-level computer skills give him the ability to translate highly complicated information into an understandable format. His professional demeanour is complimented by a warm personality that is easy to work with.

Stewart’s work on a variety of projects has gained him skills with many of the Quality Assurance tools available in the marketplace. His specialist knowledge lies in the gaming, finance, resources and education sectors. Stewart is extremely personable, results focused, able to adapts quickly to new environments and systems and a welcome addition to any team.

One of Stewart’s most recent achievements has been his contribution to a large program of work at a major insurance organisation. This project delivered new insurance platforms as a replacement for existing PMS mainframe and supporting applications. The program also sought to replace like for like products and distribution channels and deliver major improvements and benefits in areas such as e-Business and data quality. Stewart’s role included defect management, creation and execution of test cases, deployment control, creation upkeep of automated test suites (Selenium), environment shakeouts, constant status reports (both written and verbal) and deployment control.

You can often find Stew riding a wave at Phillip island, fishing down at Tooradin or spending his weekend flying the A-10 warthog in his living room.

Marc Ravida

Marc Ravida

Alter Ego: George Costanza

Marc was welcomed into the Accuteque team in 2017 . He is an experienced Business Analyst who's worked across multiple industries, including superannuation, insurance, finance and utilities.

Marc is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand and has spent a significant part of his career as a technical superannuation specialist, with detailed knowledge of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act. This role included the preparation of advice, reviewing financial statements and management of resources based locally and overseas.

Marc's most recent engagement has been with AGL Energy, where he is a key member of the Digital Technology Portfolio Management Office (PMO). Within the PMO, Marc is responsible for process improvement and automation of tools. He is also responsible for all operational performance and portfolio management reporting activities, in addition to management assurance for all major digital releases.

In his spare time, you can often find Marc at the footy. He is a diehard Melbourne Demons fan and never misses a game.