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Caroline Patton

Caroline Patton

Alter Ego – Diana Prince

A dynamic consultant with hands-on approach, Caroline is passionate about delivering quality outcomes for clients and providing people with a positive experience when it comes to change and transformational programs. She is an expert in strategy definition and execution, program and project management, implementation and release management and quality assurance.

Caroline is a sought after board member, as she brings not only an ICT but also a people focused change perspective. She actively seeks opportunities to share her knowledge with others, mentoring emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs or presenting at industry events and conferences.

Over the course of her career, Caroline has worked at senior levels in multi-national companies and has diverse experience across a variety of industries including: professional services and management consulting, finance, banking, insurance, superannuation, airline, petroleum, retail, logistics and telecommunications.

When she’s not in the office you can find Caroline playing a round of golf, training for her next marathon or spending time with her young family. In certain circles, her chicken and chorizo paella is legendary but she’s not giving up the recipe any time soon!

You can find out more about her @cpaccuteque on Twitter

Lesley Thornton

Lesley Thornton

Alter Ego - Daria Morgendorffer

Lesley is an Associate Principal and Portfolio Manager of the Strategy and Transformation stream. She has substantial experience in Government at a senior policy level, with a strong track record in policy and program development to successfully bringing about change for improvement in the acute, sub-acute and community health sectors.

Lesley is able to think strategically and provide direction in line with the organisational vision and aims, demonstrating an excellent understanding of organisational dynamics, strategy development, project/program planning, implementation and evaluation. Her strong leadership capabilities ensure she is able to lead and support teams with diverse skills and staff, fostering learning and creativity to achieve organisational objectives.

Some of her most recent project work includes a stint at the International Women’s Development Agency, where she facilitated an organisational assessment of Feminist media organisation FemLINK Pacific. This was successfully conducted in the following key areas: purpose governance and structure, leadership and strategy, processes, human resources and relationships.

Lesley has a proven ability to form effective relationships within government, health services and community organisations and collaborate with diverse groups to achieve outcomes. She has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, as well as an aptitude for consultation and negotiations with people from different backgrounds and professions.

When she’s not in the office raiding the tea cupboard, Lesley is often planning her next travel adventure. A keen cyclist, she is usually planning her next cycle tour around Europe or South America and spends her weekends on the coast getting away from it all down the Great Ocean Road.

Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd

Alter Ego – Dr Doolittle

Jo joined the Accuteque team in 2013, and has been the Practice Manager of QA/Testing since 2016. She brings over 15 years of experience as a Test Manager in the field of large, complex integrated solution implementations and 20 years of experience in the IT Industry.

Jo has a strong background in managing testing activities in large transformation programs of work, specifically in the field of ERP solutions. This experience has provided her with a solid foundation in Test Management, Quality Assurance, Consultancy and Vendor Governance, and, in turn, delivering quality outcomes.

She is a strong and collaborative leader who leads by example, and can provide the right information to management and team members at the right time. A true team player, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty in the trenches to ensure team and program delivery success.

When she's able to get away, Jo loves to travel anywhere warm so she can relax in the sun, crack open a book and escape the monotony of a daily routine.

A skilled athlete from a young age, Jo was described as one of the best young local footballers and compared to Gary Wilson. Unfortunately,  Women's AFL was 'not a thing' at the time, and her promising athletic career never made it off the ground.

Mark Breen

Mark Breen

Alter ego - Inspector Gadget

Since joining the team in 2016, Mark has headed our Technology Advisory practice. He also works closely with our partners at EON Reality to bring AVR experiences and technologies to our clients.

He is a highly experienced program delivery leader who has been delivering complex business solutions for small to large corporates for over 20 years. His experience spans a variety of roles, technologies and industries with specialisations in IT and digital strategy, business architecture, business engagement, vendor management, solution design and delivery.

Mark is a highly competent and proactive program delivery manager with a strategic vision; a curious, creative and collaborative style; a focus on business delivery outcomes and excellent relationship management skills. His friendly and easy going personality make him an approachable and natural leader.

Mark is a family man; he has 58 cousins, only 2 of which are on the maternal side. This makes him able to get along with just about anyone.