Alter Ego – Detective Del Spooner

Simon is a veteran member of the Accuteque Team having been with us since 2011.  He is a professional and motivated member of our team with extensive consulting experience in Test Management, Test Tools and Reporting, System Integration Testing, Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Defect Management, Release and Environment Management.

With an evangelistic passion for technology reinforced by dedicated study in the field of Robotics, Mechatronics and Computer Science, Simon believes in a future built on Automation. By enabling the world to achieve more in a lesser amount of time and with less manual effort, he believes we make it possible to dedicate ourselves to tasks of greater worth. In short: if it can be automated, it is a task not worthy of human effort. Simon brings this attitude to the workplace every day in an active search to utilise available toolsets to their greatest reward.

With an array of experience in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Life and General Insurance, Logistics and Government sectors, he is an asset to any project.

Simon prides himself on his ability to build teams and develop stakeholder relationships, derive, analyse and report on project metrics and his diligent innovative attitude towards enhancing project capability and communication.

When he’s not busy working away on a client site, you can find Simon immersing himself in learning the ins and outs of the newest gizmo or gadget. If one day in the future the world faces a robot apocalypse, we know that Simon will be the one to save the day.