Alter Ego – Diana Prince

A dynamic consultant with hands-on approach, Caroline is passionate about delivering quality outcomes for clients and providing people with a positive experience when it comes to change and transformational programs. She is an expert in strategy definition and execution, program and project management, implementation and release management and quality assurance.

Caroline is a sought after board member, as she brings not only an ICT but also a people focused change perspective. She actively seeks opportunities to share her knowledge with others, mentoring emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs or presenting at industry events and conferences.

Over the course of her career, Caroline has worked at senior levels in multi-national companies and has diverse experience across a variety of industries including: professional services and management consulting, finance, banking, insurance, superannuation, airline, petroleum, retail, logistics and telecommunications.

When she’s not in the office you can find Caroline playing a round of golf, training for her next marathon or spending time with her young family. In certain circles, her chicken and chorizo paella is legendary but she’s not giving up the recipe any time soon!

You can find out more about her @cpaccuteque on Twitter