Alter Ego -  Jaime Sommers

Natasha joined Accuteque in 2010 as the head of the QA Portfolio (our only portfolio at the time). She had known Caroline Patton, founder of Accuteque for some time when they decided to hatch a ‘cunning plan’ to transform the business of Accuteque.

Natasha spent her first year working with the organisation to make one of our largest clients run like a well-oiled machine, and then focused on the Operations of Accuteque with then CEO Veronica Strachan. Her vision to start transitioning Accuteque from a Testing Organisation to an Advisory Firm started to take shape whilst she was the COO. Once Natasha stepped into the CEO role in 2013, Accuteque was well on its way to being a small, smart Advisory Firm that could bring the best of Advisory to our clients in a nimble way. As Natasha puts it, ‘we aren’t constrained by the operational hurdles of much larger organisations.’ 

Due in large part to her leadership, Accuteque runs lean and flat so that we can be responsive to both our Team and our Clients. Natasha believes that while we take our work seriously, we have fun doing it and always ensure the human element is at the forefront of everything we do. Natasha gives her team the tools and knowledge they need to create something special every day at Accuteque, and takes great pride in being our fearless leader.

In her spare time, Natasha has been known to exercise her dramatic skills and has appeared as an extra in a couple of films. According to her, the oddest being The Queen of the Damned – the sequel to Interview with a Vampire. Although she has not been recognised formally for her acting efforts, we are certain that it’s only a matter of time that she is awarded an Oscar for her ground breaking portrayal as ‘Concert Goer #57’.