Alter Ego – Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock

Tess joined the Accuteque Team back in 2014 as our Junior Office Administrator and has since become the Executive Assistant to the Director and CEO.  Alongside Angus, her additional position is as one of Accuteque’s ‘youth culture experts’ and makes it her duty to get some of the more life experienced members of the team educated on the lingo of today.

Being the warm and bubbly face that sits at reception, Tess enjoys the day-to-day greeting of people and welcoming them through Accuteque’s doors as it gives her the opportunity to meet many different individuals from all walks of life.

Since joining Accuteque, Tess feels that she has been given such a great privilege to learn many functions of not only a corporate advisory firm, but an innovative and creative IT company. In an age of Digital Disruption, Tess has come to learn since working with Accuteque that it’s important to be proactive when it comes to technology, to learn as much as you can about it and how to control it as opposed to being a passive recipient of the information it outputs.

Currently studying Psychology at RMIT University, Tess one day hopes to apply her aptitude for working with people and helping them achieve their goals to a career in organisational psychology or human resources.

Tess’ favourite travel destination is Yellow Spring, West Virginia USA. After spending 3 months there working as a Camp Counsellor and Lifeguard at Camp Rim Rock for Girls, she can’t hear any Shania Twain song or John Denver’s ‘Country Road’ without flashing back to days of eating s'mores by the campfire and line dancing with twelve year olds.