Alter Ego – Chandler Bing

Angus is the resident youth culture expert at Accuteque and made his debut on the team in June 2015.  He is a vital member of the BSU machine and has provided valuable support to the team throughout his tenure.

Since finishing his marketing degree at La Trobe University, Angus has had the chance to explore his inner Richard Hendricks and has taken a keen interest in the digital space.  In his first twelve months at Accuteque, he developed and released our internal HR System which the team rely on heavily for records maintenance, candidate and resource information. He also digitised our Performance, Evaluation and Progression Plan and turned what was once a multiple paged document, into a sleek and easy to use online form.

Angus has also had an opportunity to enhance his web development skills, and has putt together our sleek and shiny Accuteque website – be sure to take a look through and check out some of Angus’ handiwork for yourself He has also created and enhanced multiple sites for clients running on the NationBuilder platform.

When he isn’t riding his bike or in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you can find Angus watching the latest series of Silicon Valley.