Natasha Norton

Natasha Norton

Alter Ego -  Jaime Sommers

Natasha joined Accuteque in 2010 as the head of the QA Portfolio (our only portfolio at the time). She had known Caroline Patton, founder of Accuteque for some time when they decided to hatch a ‘cunning plan’ to transform the business of Accuteque.

Natasha spent her first year working with the organisation to make one of our largest clients run like a well-oiled machine, and then focused on the Operations of Accuteque with then CEO Veronica Strachan. Her vision to start transitioning Accuteque from a Testing Organisation to an Advisory Firm started to take shape whilst she was the COO. Once Natasha stepped into the CEO role in 2013, Accuteque was well on its way to being a small, smart Advisory Firm that could bring the best of Advisory to our clients in a nimble way. As Natasha puts it, ‘we aren’t constrained by the operational hurdles of much larger organisations.’ 

Due in large part to her leadership, Accuteque runs lean and flat so that we can be responsive to both our Team and our Clients. Natasha believes that while we take our work seriously, we have fun doing it and always ensure the human element is at the forefront of everything we do. Natasha gives her team the tools and knowledge they need to create something special every day at Accuteque, and takes great pride in being our fearless leader.

In her spare time, Natasha has been known to exercise her dramatic skills and has appeared as an extra in a couple of films. According to her, the oddest being The Queen of the Damned – the sequel to Interview with a Vampire. Although she has not been recognised formally for her acting efforts, we are certain that it’s only a matter of time that she is awarded an Oscar for her ground breaking portrayal as ‘Concert Goer #57’.

Caroline Patton

Caroline Patton

Alter Ego – Diana Prince

A dynamic consultant with hands-on approach, Caroline is passionate about delivering quality outcomes for clients and providing people with a positive experience when it comes to change and transformational programs. She is an expert in strategy definition and execution, program and project management, implementation and release management and quality assurance.

Caroline is a sought after board member, as she brings not only an ICT but also a people focused change perspective. She actively seeks opportunities to share her knowledge with others, mentoring emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs or presenting at industry events and conferences.

Over the course of her career, Caroline has worked at senior levels in multi-national companies and has diverse experience across a variety of industries including: professional services and management consulting, finance, banking, insurance, superannuation, airline, petroleum, retail, logistics and telecommunications.

When she’s not in the office you can find Caroline playing a round of golf, training for her next marathon or spending time with her young family. In certain circles, her chicken and chorizo paella is legendary but she’s not giving up the recipe any time soon!

You can find out more about her @cpaccuteque on Twitter

Lesley Thornton

Lesley Thornton

Alter Ego - Daria Morgendorffer

Lesley is an Associate Principal and Portfolio Manager of the Strategy and Transformation stream. She has substantial experience in Government at a senior policy level, with a strong track record in policy and program development to successfully bringing about change for improvement in the acute, sub-acute and community health sectors.

Lesley is able to think strategically and provide direction in line with the organisational vision and aims, demonstrating an excellent understanding of organisational dynamics, strategy development, project/program planning, implementation and evaluation. Her strong leadership capabilities ensure she is able to lead and support teams with diverse skills and staff, fostering learning and creativity to achieve organisational objectives.

Some of her most recent project work includes a stint at the International Women’s Development Agency, where she facilitated an organisational assessment of Feminist media organisation FemLINK Pacific. This was successfully conducted in the following key areas: purpose governance and structure, leadership and strategy, processes, human resources and relationships.

Lesley has a proven ability to form effective relationships within government, health services and community organisations and collaborate with diverse groups to achieve outcomes. She has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, as well as an aptitude for consultation and negotiations with people from different backgrounds and professions.

When she’s not in the office raiding the tea cupboard, Lesley is often planning her next travel adventure. A keen cyclist, she is usually planning her next cycle tour around Europe or South America and spends her weekends on the coast getting away from it all down the Great Ocean Road.

Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd

Alter Ego – Dr Doolittle

Jo joined the Accuteque team in 2013, and has been the Practice Manager of QA/Testing since 2016. She brings over 15 years of experience as a Test Manager in the field of large, complex integrated solution implementations and 20 years of experience in the IT Industry.

Jo has a strong background in managing testing activities in large transformation programs of work, specifically in the field of ERP solutions. This experience has provided her with a solid foundation in Test Management, Quality Assurance, Consultancy and Vendor Governance, and, in turn, delivering quality outcomes.

She is a strong and collaborative leader who leads by example, and can provide the right information to management and team members at the right time. A true team player, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty in the trenches to ensure team and program delivery success.

When she's able to get away, Jo loves to travel anywhere warm so she can relax in the sun, crack open a book and escape the monotony of a daily routine.

A skilled athlete from a young age, Jo was described as one of the best young local footballers and compared to Gary Wilson. Unfortunately,  Women's AFL was 'not a thing' at the time, and her promising athletic career never made it off the ground.

Mark Breen

Mark Breen

Alter ego - Inspector Gadget

Since joining the team in 2016, Mark has headed our Technology Advisory practice. He also works closely with our partners at EON Reality to bring AVR experiences and technologies to our clients.

He is a highly experienced program delivery leader who has been delivering complex business solutions for small to large corporates for over 20 years. His experience spans a variety of roles, technologies and industries with specialisations in IT and digital strategy, business architecture, business engagement, vendor management, solution design and delivery.

Mark is a highly competent and proactive program delivery manager with a strategic vision; a curious, creative and collaborative style; a focus on business delivery outcomes and excellent relationship management skills. His friendly and easy going personality make him an approachable and natural leader.

Mark is a family man; he has 58 cousins, only 2 of which are on the maternal side. This makes him able to get along with just about anyone.

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Alter Ego – Brian the Dog from Family Guy

Andrew has been a member of the Accuteque family since 2011 and has spent a significant portion of his time working on client sites, where he concentrates on delivering the most business value for the least investment.  Andrew approaches these engagements with an almost child-like curiosity, which he finds fosters his creative and innovative sides.  Back in the office, he feels he is equally rewarded, as he feeds off the diverse range of colleagues who all bring different experiences and perspectives to the job – Andrew claims ‘they keep me energised and are a great source of peer support.’

One of Andrew’s biggest achievements at Accuteque to date has been his work in the insurance industry, on one of the organisation’s largest IT initiatives. A large Transformation Program, the brief was to replace the company’s core insurance underwriting system while simultaneously incorporating new functionality for document and work management. Its key dimensions involved 250 project personnel over a multi-year timescale, an investment of nearly $200M and a PCB chaired by the CEO. At the time Andrew joined the project, it had already run for over 2 years. It was under considerable time pressure due to the program missing key delivery targets, acknowledged immaturity in Agile Project delivery and the loss of key project resources and leadership.

Andrew was also a key player in the delivery and creation of centralised claims lodgement and fulfilment, coupled with document management and archive solution.  This was a 2-year project that greatly enhanced the way claims were processed and vastly improved claim resolution for brokers. Andrew’s greatest strength has been his ability to excel and add value at Accuteque and client sites by focusing on the Change Management and people impacts of projects.

If Andrew could be any animal in the world, he would be a dog. As someone with an incredible sense of smell (believe us, he can smell the burgers cooking at Royal Stacks all the way from the office!), and being the completely loyal, faithful and friendly individual that he is, the only thing missing is the half-finished novel to tie it all together.

Anne Smyth

Anne Smyth

Alter Ego: Audrey Hepburn

Anne has always had a passion for learning and a curiosity about new ideas and ways of doing things.  She loves working with people and organisations to help them develop clarity about what they need to do to change, adapt and improve, how to go about that and develop the confidence to move forward. She also contributes to change and improvement activities at the system level.

Anne has undertaken this type of work in universities, as a senior lecturer and researcher in leadership and management, and as a consultant, in organisational development and change. She continues to work across these spheres today.  The majority of her work has been in the health and community sectors with not for profit, for purpose and government organisations and agencies.  This has involved organisational strengthening reviews, leadership development, social research and evaluation, strategic thinking, planning and governance and stakeholder engagement and consultation work.

Most recently, this involved work in the family violence sector as Victoria began to roll out historic system change. Anne and Lesley Thornton have designed and delivered a number of whole of organisation leadership development programs and organisational reviews. They have also undertaken projects in the International Development space to bring organisational development and strengthening frameworks and insights to the development efforts in our region.

Anne is highly committed to social impact initiatives and makes regular pro-bono contributions to not-for-profit organisations. She contributes to voluntary boards in the not for profit sector and also serves as a mentor to number of young women making their way in the world.  She is never far from educational and learning environments and organisations concerned with social justice and the public good.

Anne spends much of her free time with her wonderful family, a source of great joy—especially her small but growing gaggle of grandchildren.  She also enjoys travelling and learning about different countries and their people.

Stewart Hamilton

Stewart Hamilton

Alter Ego – Rex Hunt

Stewart joined the Accuteque team in 2012 and is a highly certified and experienced testing professional. His experience covers a range of methodologies and different platforms, from web-based software to integration hubs for financial systems.

Stewart's high-level computer skills give him the ability to translate highly complicated information into an understandable format. His professional demeanour is complimented by a warm personality that is easy to work with.

Stewart’s work on a variety of projects has gained him skills with many of the Quality Assurance tools available in the marketplace. His specialist knowledge lies in the gaming, finance, resources and education sectors. Stewart is extremely personable, results focused, able to adapts quickly to new environments and systems and a welcome addition to any team.

One of Stewart’s most recent achievements has been his contribution to a large program of work at a major insurance organisation. This project delivered new insurance platforms as a replacement for existing PMS mainframe and supporting applications. The program also sought to replace like for like products and distribution channels and deliver major improvements and benefits in areas such as e-Business and data quality. Stewart’s role included defect management, creation and execution of test cases, deployment control, creation upkeep of automated test suites (Selenium), environment shakeouts, constant status reports (both written and verbal) and deployment control.

You can often find Stew riding a wave at Phillip island, fishing down at Tooradin or spending his weekend flying the A-10 warthog in his living room.

Marc Ravida

Marc Ravida

Alter Ego: George Costanza

Marc was welcomed into the Accuteque team in 2017 . He is an experienced Business Analyst who's worked across multiple industries, including superannuation, insurance, finance and utilities.

Marc is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand and has spent a significant part of his career as a technical superannuation specialist, with detailed knowledge of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act. This role included the preparation of advice, reviewing financial statements and management of resources based locally and overseas.

Marc's most recent engagement has been with AGL Energy, where he is a key member of the Digital Technology Portfolio Management Office (PMO). Within the PMO, Marc is responsible for process improvement and automation of tools. He is also responsible for all operational performance and portfolio management reporting activities, in addition to management assurance for all major digital releases.

In his spare time, you can often find Marc at the footy. He is a diehard Melbourne Demons fan and never misses a game.

Vy Pham

Vy Pham

Alter Ego – Sailor Jupiter

Vy has been with the Accuteque Team since 2009, with a significant portion of that time taking place on a number of client sites across a variety of industries including Insurance, Technology, Hospitality and Consulting. It still surprises her that despite heading down the science career path initially, she wound up in IT.

Vy has always been proactive in seeking out opportunities to participate in activities outside of her testing work, like tendering activities, client health checks, and training, all indicative of her ‘can-do’ attitude and team player work ethic.  

To date, Vy has improved a number of projects including working as a Test Analyst on the Apollo Claims Transformation and CUDOS projects at CGU, as Defect Coordinator on the Sysnet 7.1 Upgrade project at Australian Leisure & Hospitality, and as Test Analyst on the Global Internet Platform Rebranding, Alumni Redesign, Office Communications Served, and IT Telephony projects at KPMG. She feels that her biggest achievement working at Accuteque is gaining a wealth of knowledge through her colleagues and the projects she’s participated in. 

If Vy could be any animal, she would easily be a swan - she’s gentle, sophisticated and always enjoys pampering herself!


Kate Field

Kate Field

Alter Ego - Sue Storm

Kate has been with us since 2014 as Accuteque’s Finance Lead, and has extensive Finance experience predominately within Big4 accounting firms in the UK and Australia, specialising in tax and accounting technology solutions.  She has led the sales and implementation process of these solutions across a broad spectrum of FTSE100 and FTSE350 clients.

Kate has experience analysing a business’s needs, focusing on accounting and tax process technology.  She is experienced in translating these needs into real world solutions and coordinating the development, testing and delivery of software solutions to assist in the reporting process. Kate has experience delivering solutions under an iXBRL reporting framework.

Kate has worked in the tax compliance area in both Australia and the UK, completing tax returns for corporates, partnerships, trusts and individuals. She is not only working as the Finance Manager for Accuteque but also consults as a Business Analyst/Project Manager with Accuteque.

She is an effective communicator and team leader, provides implementation, training and ongoing support at client sites, has experience with full project lifecycle management, including gathering requirements, functional specification, development, testing, implementation and training.

When not in the office, you can often find Kate spending time with her family. If she could have dinner with anyone in the world, she would share a meal with all her family past and present.

Louise Brown

Louise Brown

Alter Ego – Gordon Ramsey

Louise, our born and bred Scottish lass, moved to Melbourne in 2013 and has been a crucial player in the seamless running of Accuteque ever since.  She is our Business Services Team Lead and oversees the day-to-day activities that keep us running smoothly and looking sharp.

From orchestrating our office relocation and negotiating a number of incentive inclusions in the contract such as the fit-out and flooring, to creating and implementing a number of policies here at Accuteque (such as our recruitment process and our health and well-being program), Louise is a go-to colleague – dynamic, delivery focused and incredibly organised.

Prior to stepping into this role, she was the Executive Assistant to the Director and CEO at Accuteque. Within just 12 months of working for the company, she added winner of the Australian EA of the Year in 2013 to her long list of accolades.  It is not unusual to find Louise standing behind a podium or with a microphone in her hand, as she is a seasoned public speaker and has spoken on a range of topics reflecting on her time as an EA and encouraging others to be the best they can be. Louise’s passion for helping people and inspiring others to push themselves and step out of their comfort zone is evident – whether it’s in the workplace or beyond the realms of the office.

Since moving to Melbourne, Louise has found her niche amongst the foodie culture. From wandering down the restaurant and bar packed laneways of our city, to being the most indecisive colleague when picking our weekly Friday lunches, the range in choice is a welcome change from Haggis and Tatties! (Translation - Potatoes!) . 

Ally Schwertfeger

Ally Schwertfeger

Alter Ego Michelle Tanner

Straight out of sunny California, Ally is the newest addition to the Accuteque team. As the assistant to our CEO, she provides top-level administrative and organisational support, allowing Natasha to focus on critical business operations. Ally also has the privilege of tackling all of Natasha's pet projects.

Prior to stepping into this role, she worked in the not-for-profit sector, including as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator and Acting Chief of Staff. Working with stakeholders of all levels helped strengthen her abilities to communicate across different audiences and prioritise organisational initiatives.

Ally is a recent graduate of the University of Melbourne's Executive Master of Arts, a course that merges the theoretical skills of leadership and organisational philosophy with the practical skills of project management, budgets, and writing and editing for digital media.  

In her spare time, you can find Ally planning her next holiday or filling the void of leaving her family pets in America by dogsitting across Melbourne.

Tess Roberts

Tess Roberts

Alter Ego – Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock

Tess joined the Accuteque Team back in 2014 as our Junior Office Administrator and has since become the Executive Assistant to the Director and CEO.  Alongside Angus, her additional position is as one of Accuteque’s ‘youth culture experts’ and makes it her duty to get some of the more life experienced members of the team educated on the lingo of today.

Being the warm and bubbly face that sits at reception, Tess enjoys the day-to-day greeting of people and welcoming them through Accuteque’s doors as it gives her the opportunity to meet many different individuals from all walks of life.

Since joining Accuteque, Tess feels that she has been given such a great privilege to learn many functions of not only a corporate advisory firm, but an innovative and creative IT company. In an age of Digital Disruption, Tess has come to learn since working with Accuteque that it’s important to be proactive when it comes to technology, to learn as much as you can about it and how to control it as opposed to being a passive recipient of the information it outputs.

Currently studying Psychology at RMIT University, Tess one day hopes to apply her aptitude for working with people and helping them achieve their goals to a career in organisational psychology or human resources.

Tess’ favourite travel destination is Yellow Spring, West Virginia USA. After spending 3 months there working as a Camp Counsellor and Lifeguard at Camp Rim Rock for Girls, she can’t hear any Shania Twain song or John Denver’s ‘Country Road’ without flashing back to days of eating s'mores by the campfire and line dancing with twelve year olds.